The giant of the Pacific


Until now, the Colombian Tapir Conservation initiative (CTC) has managed to collect only five records of the Tapir from Pacific ( Tapirus bairdii ) in Colombia. The Tapir from Pacific is the species with the most restricted geographical distribution compared to the other two species of Tapirs that inhabit the country.

The Tapir from Pacific is found only in the extreme north of the Pacific region of Colombia between 4 and 1365 meters. Specifically, this species is distributed in the Serranía del Darién and in the vicinity of the Gulf of Urabá. In Colombia, T. bairdii inhabits three eco-regions: A) Choco-Darién humid forests, B) Montane forests of eastern Panama and C) Magdalena-Urabá humid forests.

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In Colombia, the Pacific tapir is found in three departments (Chocó, Antioquia, Córdoba); Therefore, at the regional level, it presents three environmental authorities that have an impact on the Mountain Tapir throughout its distribution (Table 1).

Table 1. Regional environmental departments and authorities with presence of the Pacific tapir in Colombia.

Departament Regional Environmental Authorities
Acronym Denomination
Chocó CODECHOCÓ Corporación para el desarrollo sostenible del Chocó
Antioquia CORANTIOQUIA Corporación Autónoma Regional del Centro de Antioquia
Córdoba CVS Corporación Autónoma Regional de los valles del Sinú y San Jorge