The giant of the Amazon and Orinoquía


Until now, the Colombian Tapir Conservation initiative (CTC) has managed to collect 165 records of the Amazon Tapir (Tapirus terrestris terrestris) in Colombia. Of the three species of Tapirs that inhabit Colombia, the Amazon Tapir is the one with the most extensive geographic distribution. The subspecies T. t. terrestris inhabits throughout the Orinoquia and Amazonia region between 56 and 1212 meters.

The Amazon tapir inhabits six eco-regions: A) Llanos, B) Negro-Branco humid forests, C) Apure-Villavicencio dry forests, D) Caquetá humid forests, E) montane forests of the Eastern Cordillera, and F) humid forests of the Napo.

Download freely and for free the locations of the Amazon Tapir in Colombia

In Colombia, the Amazon Tapir is distributed in 10 departments (Arauca, Casanare, Vichada, Meta, Guainía, Guaviare, Vaupés, Caquetá, Putumayo, Amazonas), therefore, at the regional level it has four environmental authorities that have an impact on the Amazon tapir throughout its distribution ( Table 1 ).

Table 1. Departments and regional environmental authorities with presence of the Amazon Tapir in Colombia.

Departament Regional Environmental Authorities
Acronym Denomination
Arauca, Vichada, Casanare CORPORINOQUÍA Corporación Autónoma Regional de la Orinoquía
Meta CORMACARENA Corporación para el desarrollo sostenible de la Macarena
Amazonas, Putumayo, Caqueta CORPOAMAZONÍA Corporación para el desarrollo sostenible del sur de la Amazonía
Vaupés, Guainía, Guaviare CDA Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible del Norte y Oriente Amazónico