The giant of the Caribbean


To date, the Colombian Tapir Conservation initiative (CTC) has managed to collect 30 records of the Colombian Tapir ( Tapirus terrestris columbianus ). This sub-species is endemic to Colombia and is distributed in the Caribbean region and in the middle valley of the Magdalena River between 3 and 1601 meters. However, the populations of the Colombian tapir are highly fragmented and their natural habitat is deeply altered.

Currently, two population centers are identified for Danta Colombiana, the first is located in the north of the Caribbean region (around the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), and the second is located in the area that includes the south of the Caribbean region, the northern end of the Cauca river valley and the middle valley of the Magdalena river. There appears to be an extensive local extinction of the Colombian Tapir in the middle part of the Caribbean region.

The Colombian Tapir inhabits six eco-regions: A) Magdalena-Urabá humid forests, B) montane forests of the Andean northwest, C) Magdalena Valley montane forests, D ) montane forests of Valle del Cauca, E) montane forests of Santa Marta, and F) dry forests of the Sinú valley.

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The Colombian Tapir is distributed in five departments (Antioquia, Córdoba, Bolivar, Santander, La Guajira), therefore, at the regional level it has five environmental authorities that have an impact on the Colombian Tapir throughout its distribution (Table 1) .

Table 1. Regional environmental departments and authorities with the presence of the Colombian Tapir.

Departament Regional Environmental Authorities
Acronym Denomination
Antioquia CORANTIOQUIA Corporación Autónoma Regional del Centro de Antioquia
Córdoba CVS Corporación Autónoma Regional de los valles del Sinú y San Jorge
Bolivar CSB Corporación Autónoma Regional del Sur de Bolívar
Santander CAS Corporación Autónoma Regional de Santander
La Guajira CORPOGUAJIRA Corporación Autónoma Regional de La Guajira